Working Maize genes
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Zea Genome

***9/01/05: iMap updated for July 2005 FPC release; genetic maps are IBM2 and IBM2 2004 neighbors maps. NOTE: we are updating iMap criteria to include a 'human-in-the-loop". Currently iMap automation underestimates anchored contigs.
***8/31/05: This genome assembly project has been completed. This project derived high-resolution genetic maps integrated with physical maps assembled in 721 BAC contigs, which encompass over 93% of the genome, 85% anchored to the genetic maps. These resources are the base on which sequencing of the maize genome will be carried out. For the most current maize genome data and resources see FPC (major release of assembly of 19 July 2005) and MaizeGDB (all maps and probes).
NOTE: The Community mapping and lookup utilities, CIMDE and iMap, continue to be maintained and may be accessed through links from this Home page. Software products continue to be available, but other historical links at this site may or may not be current.
***NEWS ARCHIVES CIMDE, the community mapping service for loci mapped using the IBM-94 population, remains active. All public data are regularly supplied to MaizeGDB as cIBM maps. cIBM2004 is the most current release. (July 22, 2004)
The Maize Mapping Project began in 1998 as a collaboration of researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Arizona, and the University of Georgia.
This site continues to update iMap content and it hosts the CIMDE community mapping resource. For information and data on maize research worldwide, see MaizeGDB.

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